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Farm Town 2


Some things about Farm Town 2

You can join Farm Town 2 and manage the farm. Your mission is to grow and harvest agricultural products and then sell them to earn more gold coins.

Farm work is hard work. However, if you work hard, you can earn a lot of gold coins. In the game, you will manage a farm of your own. You need to try to scale up the farm. Then, you can earn many coins.

In addition, when managing the farm, you can use your gold coins to buy more buildings. You can equip additional warehouses, bakeries, and food stalls, or expand your farmland. Try to get coins.

Some missions in Farm Town 2

Grow plants

Your first job on the farm is to plant trees. You will start growing rice. After planting rice, you have to wait a while. Then, you will lose them. Harvesting rice allows you to get more gold coins for completing quests. You can accumulate them to continue to plant more trees. After leveling up, you will grow more corn and many other agricultural products. You need to diversify the crops on the farm.

Feed the animals

You are allowed to keep other livestock such as chickens, pigs, etc. You can raise more chickens to get eggs. They also help you increase your income significantly. You can use your rice, corn to feed them.

Sell some products

After raising and growing a variety of agricultural products, you can sell them. You will sell them at the market. You will collect the amount of gold corresponding to each of your agricultural products. You can get many gems. Don't miss them. You can use them to scale up the farm. Continue to buy other items for your farm. Are you a rich ranch owner?