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Find The Difference


Test your eyesight with Find The Difference. This game requires you to be very sharp when observing to find the differences between two pictures.

Special features in Find The Difference

The game rules are simple

One of the interesting points of the game is that the rules are very simple. You have to find all the differences between two similar photos. The number of similarities will be predetermined, and you must find all the differences during the countdown to complete the challenges. If time runs out you will lose. In addition, you must observe before choosing because in each level you are only allowed to select incorrectly up to 3 times. You can use hints when you can't find the difference. If you exceed the allowed number of wrong choices, you also lose. This game does not require any special abilities so anyone can experience it.

Diverse images of topics

The images in the game are designed to be very diverse and colorful. Players can admire the independent creativity that comes from these images. This helps you stay energized and always find interesting things when playing. With 100 levels and different difficulty levels, each level will have a separate and unique visual theme. The game will take you to explore extremely vivid pictures.

Improves observation and concentration

When playing a game, you must concentrate hard to find the differences. Those can be the smallest details that you must observe in both photos. This game can help you practice your ability to observe and concentrate. These are all important skills in daily life as well as at work. Let's join the game experience to challenge your eye skills.

Control instructions: All gaming operations use the left mouse button.