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Fish Love


Simple Mechanics of Fish Love

Fish Love is a simple puzzle game that features many levels. Eliminate the right pins to help two fish meet each other and protect them from dangers.

This interesting game revolves two fish which fall in love with each other. For some reasons, they are separated. Therefore, your mission is to help them meet each other. You need to think carefully and remove the right pins in order. Note that you can clear the yellow pins and move the green pins. There are some hazards such as lava, bombs, and crabs. One tip is to make crabs fall into the the lava pool or touch the bombs if you want to eliminate them. They will hurt the fish, so you need to protect the fish from these dangers at all cost. If one of the fish die, you will lose the game.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to remove the pins.

More information about Fish Love

Interesting levels

There is a total of 26 levels in this game and each level has a distinct challenge. For example, at some levels, you need to protect the fish from the lava while the danger in some levels is crabs.This requires your logical thinking if you want to beat all levels. Play the game and let's see how long it takes you to win 26 levels in the game.

Creator and platform

This interesting thinking game was developed by magnificstudios and released in January 2022. It is available on the web browser and playabvle on both PC and mobile devices. Furthermore, players of all ages can play this game because it features a funny gameplay and colorful graphics. You can play this game to practice your logical thinkings and have fun after a hard-working day.