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Flappy: Hey Space


What appealing of Flappy: Hey Space

Flappy: Hey Space is a remarkable arcade game. In the game, you will control a monster to go the longest distance without colliding with any obstacles.

The exciting gameplay

Welcome to this exciting game. Have you ever met these little alien monsters? When it comes to monsters, you probably think of scary monsters. However, in this game, your character is a cute green monster. It looks pretty adorable. It is different from the scary monsters in other games. You will control this character of yours to be able to complete the mission.

The gameplay of the game is quite simple. You need to control your character to cross as many pillars as possible. These pillars will create gaps for you. You need to control your character through them. Try to navigate your character to win with impressive scores. Like Geometry Dash Scratch, the game is available on our web. You can join now.

The challenges

In this game, you will face many challenges. They are quite difficult to overcome. You may fail many times. If you focus enough, you can get through it.

The first challenge is the number of pillars which are arranged side by side. So it is very difficult to overcome them. However, if you can pass them, you can get many points. The significant increase in points is the motivation for you.

The second challenge is the location of the gaps. They are not fixed. You will have to adjust the height of the character constantly to be able to cross these gaps easily. You need to pay attention because they do not go wide. It is very easy for you to crash into these obstacles.

Controls and tips can be used in Flappy: Hey Space

Here's how to control the character. You can refer to a few strategies to get more points.


If you want to fly higher, tap the left mouse button quickly. You can fly higher easily. If you want to fly a little lower to be able to overcome gaps in low positions, release the left mouse button. You do not need to remember too many operations when playing this game. Join the game now to experience the fun of the game.

Some tips

Do you have any strategies yet? You can apply the following strategies. First, you need to practice until you master this game. When you can keep up with the game, you can play it better. In addition, if you want to go further, you can collect stars that appear on the track. They can give you more motivation to keep trying. You can also skip them if you want to focus on controlling the character. Finally, the game does not limit your playing time. So, you can delay your next flight. You can carefully observe the obstacles before you start conquering the game.