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Food Grinder


Some things about Food Grinder

The difficulty of the game

Food Grinder is a fantastic arcade game. Your mission is to exchange the line to avoid hitting the grinders while gathering gold coins and gems.

Your character in this game is a donut. It can roll in one of the lines in the game. However, there are many dangers in the game that you have to face. The grinder is extremely dangerous. It is a deadly obstacle in this game. You need to dodge them so your character doesn't get crushed. Avoid them in time to avoid any collision.

Moreover, you can look at the warning icons to know about the presence of grinders. So, you can dodge them as soon as possible. You should practice your quick reaction and tap speed when playing games. Try to get as many scores as possible. Try your best.


To switch between lines, you can use the arrow keys. You can use the up arrow or the down arrow to dodge the grinders. You must press them flexibly to win.

Some items you can collect in Food Grinder

In the lines, you can select a few precious items. You can choose gems and accumulate them. In addition, you can choose from gold coins in the lines. These items will appear at either end of the lines. So, they can be dangerous traps because you will probably get crushed.

Some highlights of the game

Choose background

The game offers five main backgrounds. You can choose them without any conditions. You can change the background to make the game more interesting. Which background do you like the most in this game?

Purchase other characters

Donut is the first character of the game. However, when you have a lot of coins, you can use them to exchange them for other characters. These characters are fast food favorites. You need to accumulate a lot of money to unlock all the interesting characters.