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Free Rider Jumps


The overview of Free Rider Jumps

The mechanics of the game

Welcome to Free Rider Jumps, where creativity and skill converge to create a thrilling experience. Help a stickman character ride a bike the longest distance.

You are granted the role of an intrepid rider, ready to conquer a vast array of custom-built tracks.

You need to control your character to go as far as possible with the bike. You will have to face many obstacles when participating in this game. First, you have to overcome large holes which hurt your character at any time. Additionally, when you go over a slope, you must keep your character's balance. If he falls or turns over, you will have to play the game again. Good luck.


In this game, you cannot adjust the stickman character's cycling speed. You need to be careful to be able to navigate your character. You can lean forward or backward to ensure your character's safety.

  • The left arrow key to lean back.
  • The right arrow key to lean forward.

Some challenges in Free Rider Jumps

Gravity-Defying Loops

Brace yourself for the mind-bending challenge of conquering gravity-defying loops. Maintain the perfect balance of speed and control as you navigate through these thrilling structures, defying the laws of physics and experiencing the exhilaration of looping upside down.

Treacherous Obstacles

Be prepared to face an array of treacherous obstacles that will push your skills to the limit. From narrow platforms to spiked pits, from challenging gap jumps to tricky wall rides, each obstacle demands precise timing, quick reflexes, and unwavering focus to overcome.