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Frog Block


Some fantastic missions in Frog Block

Frog Block offers exciting gameplay for all those who want to relax. The game requests you stack the blocks to reach the finish line and collect many coins.

When you join the game, you need to complete some tasks to pass the levels. If you want to join this game, you need to focus on the tasks and controls.

Stack many blocks to avoid obstacles

In the game, your characters are green frogs shaped like blocks. These blocks will slide on the track until they reach the finish line. However, on the track, there are a lot of obstacles. They are steps or high walls. The heights of the obstacles are also different. To get through them, you need to stack many blocks. You will press the left mouse button to be able to stack many blocks. The number of blocks in a stack must be higher than the obstacles. Lower blocks will be blocked by obstacles. So, you must maintain at least one block on the playing field. If all blocks are stuck, you lose immediately. Jumping through the finish line is your final target. Then, you can pass the level and advance to the following level.

Collect many gold coins

While trying to reach the finish line, you need to collect as many gold coins as possible. They appear on the track. To collect gold coins, you need to stack blocks equal to the height of the coins. If your stack is lower or higher than the coins, you will not be able to collect them. However, collecting coins can put you at a high risk. You are so focused on the height of the coins that you forget that you also need to adjust the height of the stack to avoid obstacles. You need dexterity to be able to complete both tasks at the same time.

Some outstanding features of Frog Block

It is an exciting game. You will have hours of entertainment and relaxation with the game. You will be immersed in the graphics and sound of the game. It makes you can't stop playing thanks to the challenging levels.

Experience difficult levels in this game

Many hard levels can test your skills and won't let you down. The blocks move faster and faster. You will have to raise your blocks quickly to avoid a lot of obstacles. In addition, the number of steps and walls will also increase. You need to have a wise strategy to overcome obstacles. The game will help you improve your reflexes. Compete to find the winner with the highest score.

The graphics and sounds

The graphics of the game are quite simple. Characters are also uniquely designed. You will be immersed in this exciting space. The color of the game is also appreciated. They are harmoniously combined to create a comfortable feeling for all. The game is highly recommended to you. You can join it now. How many levels can you overcome?

Besides, the game sound is so pleasant. It also makes you more motivated. You have more to join and experience it.