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Geometry Dash DeCodeX


Your tasks in Geometry Dash DeCodeX

Geometry Dash DeCodeX is a fan-designed version that features movable obstacles. You should dodge them while running or flying to the finish line.

Traveling a dangerous land

The level of difficulty of this game is Hard Demon because the land in this game is full of movable obstacles. You need to control your character to evade these dangers and go through the portals when it runs, rolls, slides, or flies to the finish line. In addition, during the adventure, you will see many movable speed and form portals. The form portals can transform the character into a ship, UFO, wave, and robot. Meanwhile, the speed portal can triple or double the speed of the character. In particular, when the character is in a UFO form, it must overcome many gravity portals. Therefore, its gravity will change frequently, which may be a challenge for you.

Gathering user coins

  • The first coin can be found at 6% when you jump over hazards without hitting a blue orb.
  • The second coin can be seen at 36% after you jump out from a platform and do not hit a green orb.
  • The third coin can be found at 76% when you jump up.

How to control: Press the left mouse button or a W key to guide the character to jump or fly to evade dangers while it runs to the finish line.

Interesting game modes of Geometry Dash DeCodeX

Like Geometry Dash Breeze, this game offers two game modes that are available for gameplay. You can choose between Normal Mode and Practice Mode. Because this is a hard game, I advise you to play the Practice Mode first. Featuring the checkpoint system, this mode helps you to improve your skills and overcome difficult sections of a level. After practicing your skills, you can try the Normal Mode which requires you to complete the adventure without any assistance or modifications.