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Geometry Dash Scratch


Relevant facts about Geometry Dash Scratch

Geometry Dash Scratch is a fantastic running game with vibrant visuals. Put yourself in a cube character's shoes to join great adventures and gather coins.

No matter whether you are a hardcore player or do not play games, you've probably heard of Geometry Dash Scratch. That's just how popular this adventure game is. Launched as a fan-made version of Geometry Dash in 2023, this game attracted millions of players from all over the world because of its frantic gameplay and intuitive controls.

Missions and challenges in Geometry Dash Scratch

Participating in wonderful adventures

This running game is very simple and heart-pounding. Initially, you will play as a cube character who is interested in traveling. Your destinations are three lands. In each land, you need to run or fly as fast as possible to reach the finish line. However, the road is super treacherous because it is full of obstacles such as spikes, sawblades, moving platforms, breakable blocks, and fake blocks. In addition, in the second level, you will start to encounter rivals such as monsters and dragons. There is no way to defeat these enemies except for running or flying as fast as possible to escape from them. It is possible to say that embarking on adventures in this game is the best way to improve your overall abilities and refine quick reflexes and hand-eye coordination. Moreover, this is also a key that keeps you engaged and motivated to conquer even more challenging tasks.

Simple controls


Use the left mouse button, the spacebar, an up arrow key, or a W key to guide the character to jump or fly up.

You can use a Z key to create the checkpoints along the way. Besides, the only way to remove the checkpoints is to use an X key.


Tap the screen of your mobile device to control the character to jump or fly up.

Levels and locations in Geometry Dash Scratch

There are three challenging levels that you can play in this game. However, there is no doubt that they are the most fun to replay. Each level in this game has its own location, unique mechanics, challenges, and aesthetics. This is also a key that keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting.

The Seven Seas

The Seven Seas is the very first track in this game and offers an easy ride. It starts off with a few simple blocks, but then there are more and more spike traps. This forces you to be more precise with your jumps. The only transporter in this game is the jump pad which helps you assist you jump over high walls or long spike traps. Of course, you are also required to gather three coins along the way. Here are some suggestions about the positions of coins at this level:

  • If you want to collect the first coin, you need to jump through the spike column and land on a moving platform. It can be located at 22%.
  • The second coin can be found at 37% when you transform into a ship and evade aggressive monsters.
  • The third coin can be collected after you jump up an extended platform and jump pad.

Viking Arena

In the next adventure, your destination is the Viking Arena where you will encounter hordes of monsters and more obstacles. This land looks like a lava cave with many lava pools, so try not to fall into them. To evade these dangers, you can jump on the yellow jump pads which launch you at a medium height. Like the previous level, this level also tasks you with collecting three coins which can be found along the way. The first coin can be found when you become a ship and escape from a large monster. Next, at 55%, you can find the second secret coin. Finally, at 72%, you play as a ship. You should fly up to pick up the third secret coin.

Airborne Robots

Airborne Robots are the final destination of your journey. This level is incredibly fast-paced and challenging. It introduces not only the ball form portals and jump rings. The jump rings have the same effect as the jump pads, so you can utilize them to dodge the obstacles. Furthermore, it is also harder to collect the secret coins because they are located at dangerous places. For example, before trying to collect the first secret coin, you need to pick up a key at 16%. Next, you need to jump over many spikes to reach the first coin. After that, at 67%, you transform into a ship and fly through two dangers to pick up the second coin. Ultimately, at 98%, you cross a cube form portal and become a cube. You need to jump on an invisible jump ring to jump higher and collect the third secret coin.

Why People Keep Returning to Geometry Dash Scratch

Unlike the predecessor game, Geometry Dash Scratch has unique features such as fewer levels and new characters. Therefore, it is possible to say that this game brings an interesting playing experience that is quite different from the original version.

Catchy songs

When it comes to music, this game is undoubtedly one of the best adventures that feature catchy songs. In particular, all songs in this game are composed by different artists. They are super powerful and energetic, so they keep you energized while you race your way through a multitude of obstacles and difficult challenges.

Standard graphics

The graphics in this game are practically standard like most running games that are currently available. They are not too heavy, which makes this platform game-friendly for all types of devices, and don't make the device overheat or lag. In addition, each level in this game has a distinct and impressive theme. For example, The Seven Seas level features a purple theme meanwhile the theme of the Viking Arena looks like a lava cave.

New characters

Another attractive thing about this game is its interesting cast of characters, all of whom have special skills. While some characters are free, the other ones can be unlocked by completing the levels and achievements. You need to try to unlock and master each character's abilities to customize your gaming experience and explore the vibrant world in Geometry Dash Scratch. Here is the list of types of characters in this game.

  • Cubes: It is possible to say that this is the default character in this game. You often start your adventure as a cube.
  • Waves: If you go through the waveform portal, you will transform into a wave. There are 51 wave characters that you can unlock.
  • Spiders: You will become a spider after crossing the spider form portal. You can unlock 17 spider characters with different colors.
  • Balls: There are a total of 43 ball characters in this game. They are able to roll toward the finish line at a fast speed.
  • Ships:You can unlock 35 ship characters with different colors in this game. These ships are able to fly over the dangers along the way.
  • Robots: They are the only character that has two legs. You can unlock 26 robot characters and join the adventure.
  • UFOs: The final characters in this game are UFO characters. These characters are also able to fly to reach the finish line.


In summary, Geometry Dash Scratch is a true gem in the gaming world. It has captivated you with its challenging gameplay, mesmerizing visuals, and exhilarating music. Its precise mechanics and intuitive controls allow you to navigate through a myriad of obstacles and levels, testing your skills and pushing you to your limits. Furthermore, this game's aesthetics, with its vibrant colors and synchronized music, create a mesmerizing audio-visual experience that enhances your immersion. Whether players seek a thrilling and skill-based adventure or a platform for self-expression and creativity, try this game at least once in your life.