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Halloween Tiles Mahjong


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The game rules

Halloween Tiles Mahjong offers a frightfully fun experience with many mystical Halloween tiles. Match 3 same tiles by moving them into the hand bar.

In this game, your objective is to clear the mahjong board by matching pairs of identical tiles. The mahjong board consists of various tiles arranged in different layouts, such as towers, pyramids, or intricate patterns. Each tile features a Halloween-themed symbol. Your goal is to find and match three identical tiles to remove them from the board. You move them into the hand to match and eliminate them.

When moving the tiles, you are allowed to choose the tiles which are not blocked. You cannot choose the tiles in the lower layer because they are blocked. Besides, your hand is limited. It can only contain a maximum of 9 tiles. If you don't match other tiles, you won't have enough room to place new tiles. The game is over when your hands are filled.

Scary Memory Halloween is another game related to Halloween. You can choose both of them to play during the holiday. Have fun!


Use the left mouse button to play. Click on the tiles to move them into the hand.

Some features of Halloween Tiles Mahjong

Time limit

You will face a challenging time limit, adding an element of urgency to the game. Be swift in your tile-matching skills to clear the board before time runs out. Keep an eye out for time-boosting power-ups to extend your gameplay.

Multiple levels

As you progress through the game, the mahjong boards will become increasingly complex and challenging. At the higher level, you will encounter increasingly complex and challenging layouts. Patience and strategic planning become paramount as you aim to clear the board efficiently and swiftly. With each successful match, you will experience a satisfying sense of accomplishment, further fueling your determination to conquer the next level.