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Hero Lands


What's appealing about Hero Lands

Some missions in the game

Join Hero Lands to play a prince who was given important duties. You must save the princess and defeat dangerous monsters to get many gold coins.

In this game, you will transform into a handsome prince. Your mission is to rescue the princess who is being captured by monsters. In the monster's castle, you need to pull the pins to be able to move. You need to be careful not to get burned by lava. In addition, you also have to defeat the monsters that appear in the castle. You have to get the sword and start attacking them. If you are slower than the monster, you will lose.

You also have another task, which is to collect gems. They are usually stuck due to the pins. Be clever with pins to get the gems. The treasure chest will also give you a large amount of gems. If you have more gems, your gold coins will increase. You can also increase your amount of gold coins by completing all the quests.

Try to complete the levels. Later levels will be more difficult. However, with your intelligence, you will surely overcome them. If you finish the game, you can move to Geometry Dash Scratch. This game is also very interesting. You can experience a fierce race track. You will definitely enjoy the new experiences it brings. Both of these games are already available on our website.

Ways to complete the level

To pass the level, you need to use the left mouse button to pull the pins. You do not control your prince because after pulling the pins, he can move automatically. It is said that the gameplay is extremely simple.

Some strategies to win in Hero Lands

To help you complete the missions, here are some tips for you. They are so beneficial. You may overcome the challenges thanks to them.

Take advantage of the obstacles

In the castle, you will see the appearance of rock balls. You need to think of a way to make them fall on the monsters. As a result, you can eliminate rivals easily. In addition, notice the sharp spikes. You need to use them to create traps. The monsters will be destroyed. There are many other obstacles in the castle. However, if you can take advantage of them, you can completely turn them into your own weapons. Good luck.

Consider closely before pulling the pins

As you know, the movement of the character is related to pulling the pins. So, before pulling the pins, you need to think carefully. You should not arbitrarily withdraw pins or you will lose. You can get burned by quick blasts or destroyed by rocky balls. Therefore, you need to observe and consider before pulling the pins. The game is also not limited in time. So, it is best if you can wait some seconds to think about your decisions. Let's embark on the game to complete all tasks.