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Hippo Supermarket


Exploring Hippo Supermarket

Welcome to Hippo Supermarket where you can open a supermarket! Assist a little hippo in merging items, selling them, and expanding his store.

The Dream of Jack Ma

The game introduces us to Jack Ma, a determined and ambitious hippo who aspires to become a successful businessman. He has taken the first step by opening his own supermarket but requires our assistance to manage and grow it. Jack Ma's dream becomes our mission as we embark on a merging adventure filled with fun challenges and exciting opportunities.

Merging and Selling Items

In this game, the core gameplay revolves around merging items to create new ones. By dragging similar items together on the board, players unlock slots and discover higher-level items. The merging mechanic adds a puzzle-like element to the game, requiring strategic thinking and planning.

The merged items can then be sold in the supermarket to earn coins, which serve as the currency for expanding and improving Jack Ma's store. The more items we sell and the higher the profits we generate, the more resources we have to help Jack Ma build a successful business. Throughout the game, players encounter various customer orders at the top of the screen. These orders indicate specific items that need to be created and sold. By fulfilling these orders, players earn coins and experience points, which contribute to unlocking new sections of the supermarket.

As we progress, new sections of the supermarket become available, allowing us to expand the store's inventory and offer a wider variety of products. The sense of progression and unlocking new features adds excitement and motivation to the gameplay.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to choose.

Relevant information about Hippo Supermarket

Item Upgrades and Strategy

To enhance the efficiency and profitability of the supermarket, players can collect item upgrades. These upgrades improve the quality and desirability of the products on the board, resulting in higher sales and greater profits. Strategic decision-making comes into play as players must decide which items to merge and when to upgrade them for optimal results.

Development and Release

This game was developed by Yizhiyuan Network Technology and was first released on January 16, 2024. Its release brought joy and entertainment to players worldwide, offering a unique merging and business management experience.