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Hop Frog


Some things about Hop Frog

The game rules

Control your character in Hop Frog to complete an attractive mission. You have to hop over the platforms while avoiding traps and save the princess.

It is true that the little frog is the prince who is sealed by the magic of the witch. He can only return to normal if he can rescue the trapped princess. So you will need to support your character to complete this difficult task.

You will control the hop frog prince by relying on bouncing forces and walls. Jump over the platforms to get the key. Only by possessing the key can you rescue the princess.

While hopping, you need to pay attention to the dangerous ones. Dangerous monsters with sharp spikes are threatening you. You need to avoid them. There are also a lot of cannons aimed at your character. You have to quickly jump over them to save your life.

After successfully rescuing the princess, your character will turn into a handsome prince. Then you will get a lot of gems. Good luck!

How to hop

To hop, you use the left mouse button. You can click the left mouse constantly to hop higher.

Some power-ups of Hop Frog

There are many obstacles and traps. You can use the power-ups. You will use your gems in exchange for power-ups. Use them to complete the level.

  • Organ Failure: This power-up will neutralize the power of the obstacle for a short time. Your characters will be safe even if they collide with them. You can use it.
  • Organ Slow: If you are concerned about the cannons then use this power-up. It will reduce the bullet's speed. So you have enough time to control your character and dodge them.
  • Shield: You use shields to protect yourself. It will take effect in a short time. You need to perform the task quickly.