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House Of Hazards


Captivating gameplay of House Of Hazards

Play House Of Hazards and join a thrilling journey through a house filled with unpredictable hazards and challenges. Try to survive and gain a high score.

Choose your character

At the start of the game, you are allowed to choose between 8 characters. However, only 4 characters who are Dom, Samantha, Jerry, and Marissa are available for you to choose from. The rest who are Robo Rob, Buster, Rocking Grandma, and Super Sam are locked. If you want to unlock them, you need to win the game and gain the highest score.

Choose game modes

After selecting your favorite character, you can select between two game modes which are Time Trial and Multiplayer Mode.

  • Multiplayer Mode: In this game mode, you can invite three friends to play with you. When the game starts, you and your friends will take turns completing 4 tasks. These tasks are drinking coffee, brushing teeth, watering plants, and grabbing mail. In fact, it is hard to finish them because the house is filled with unpredictable hazards. You should try to evade these dangers and complete the tasks before your opponents do that. When your opponents are doing the assigned missions, you can control the dangers in the house to trap your rivals and slow down their speed. Note that the lucky wheel will appear many times during the game. It will spin and decide who will be punished in the next round.
  • Time Trial: In this game mode, you will complete all assigned tasks alone in the shortest time. Watch out for dangers in the house because they will slow down your speed.



Use a W key to guide your character to jump over obstacles.

Use the A-D keys to guide your character to move left or right.

Use an S key to crouch or fire.


Use the I key to jump.

Use the J-L keys to move left or right.

Use a K key to crouch or fire.

Note: If you want to play with the other 2 or 3 players, you need to prepare gamepads. Player 3 and Player 4 will use the gamepads to control their characters.