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Hyber Car Ramp Crash


Playable game modes of Hyber Car Ramp Crash

Hyber Car Ramp Crash is an exciting driving game that offers many game modes. Drive your car to the finish line and try not to crash into obstacles.

This engaging game stands out from the crowd with its array of interesting game modes. You can select one of them to play for free,

  • Career Mode: The first game mode is Career Mode. This mode offers 5 maps. They are Side Road Stunt, Forest Stunt, Ocean Stunt, Desert Stunt, and Fall Break. In each map, you are required to complete 5 levels. Each level challenges you to drive your car to evade the obstacles while going to the finish line. If your car is destroyed, you will lose. Therefore, during the race, you can press the R car to return to the starting point and repair your car. Do your best to win all races and complete all levels in all maps to earn as much money as possible.
  • Free Style Mode: The next game mode is the Free Style Mode which allows you to join the race freely. There is only one map in this game mode. You can drive freely around the map to practice your driving skills.
  • Time Trial Mode: The third game mode is the Time Trial Mode which has 5 levels. In each level, you are tasked with reaching the finish line within 1 minute 4 seconds. If you can't get to the finish line before the time is over, you must restart the level.


Use the arrow keys to drive the car to go around.

Use an R key to reload the position of the car and repair it.

Hold the Shift key and arrow keys to accelerate your speed.

Use a C key to change the camera view.