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Jet Fire


Explore the battles in Jet Fire

The game rules

Jet Fire offers an intense shooting battle where you are put at high risk. Defeat all enemies before they do and collect as many gold coins as possible.

Have you ever joined a fierce battle? The game will bring you hours of relaxation with endless matches. You will join this battle and fight like a real warrior.

First, you will control your character who is equipped with a jet in the back. You need to navigate him to be able to dodge obstacles, including spikes and blocks. You can use the jet to fly up. Then, you can avoid crashing into the obstacles easily.

Next, you must use your cutting-edge gun to beat your opponents. Shoot accurately to remove them from the playing field. If you shoot correctly, you can stop the opponent's bullets. Protect your own character. If your character runs out of energy, you lose.

Finally, try your best to gather a large number of coins. You can use them to purchase many characters who own better guns.

How to controls

Your character can run automatically in this adventure. However, to avoid obstacles, you need to press the W or the up arrow key to fly up. Release to land safely. You need to align carefully so that your character does not land on obstacles. To shoot enemies down, you press the left mouse button. Your ammo is unlimited. So you can fire multiple bullets at the same time. In case you want to play some arcade game, My Halloween Park is always here.

Some features of Jet Fire

Exchange other characters

Accumulate your gold coins to unlock other characters. You need at least 100 coins to unlock new characters. The better the character, the higher the price. They will have different characteristics. The guns of the characters are also different. You can use them to defeat many opponents.

The endless battle

The endless battle is waiting for you. You can fight hard until your energy runs out. You can check your energy against the bar in the top left corner of the screen. If you lose, you can continue to join the following battle.