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Jump Jump


The highlights of Jump Jump

The game rules

Participate in Jump Jump to complete exciting tasks with a cute cube. To win the game, you assist your character go as far as possible while avoiding obstacles.

Have you ever participated in an exciting run placed in the air? In this game, you will experience a very new race track. Your track is not fixed. It will gradually appear after you pass. The road behind you will also gradually disappear. This track will limit your visibility. You may be surprised by the appearance of obstacles. So you need to practice your quick reaction skills. You need to be agile to avoid obstacles unless you will lose.

In addition, you will probably face a series of deadly obstacles. They are dynamite boxes. They cause your character to explode as soon as you collide with them. In addition, the sharp spikes are also threatening your life. They will make you replay the game many times. You need to jump over them to continue the run. Good luck! If you want to join another run, you can select Short Ride. This game also offers a fierce race. Have fun.


To go further, you need to avoid the obstacles. You press the left mouse button to jump over the obstacles or gaps. You also need to focus on the obstacles above your character. Do not jump. The game does not request you to control your character because it will run automatically.

Some exciting skins in Jump Jump

In this game, your characters will be cubes. They are shaped like cute animals. If you want to unlock more characters then you need to reach the highest scores. The more lovable the character, the more points it needs. They are the motivation for you to try to achieve a high score. Try your best to unlock all of them. They will surprise you.