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Jumpers Isometric


The attractions of Jumpers Isometric

Some challenges in the game

Jumpers Isometric offers an intense race track with many obstacles. You have to control your character to jump over the hazardous obstacles and collect coins.

When playing the game, you will face many challenges. You need to overcome them to be able to complete your mission. First, you will face a lot of sharp spikes. They are arranged on the track. These spikes will be divided into two types. The spikes are fixed and the type is not fixed. Unstable spikes often emerge suddenly. Both types of spike traps are dangerous. Next, you need to be careful with the gaps. You must jump over them to save your life. Finally, there are a lot of TNT boxes. They can explode as soon as you touch them. As a result, you will have to start playing the game again.

How to overcome obstacles

In the game, you do not need to control your character's speed. It can move automatically. But you have to assist your character in jumping over the obstacles. You press the left mouse button to jump. In addition, you need to adjust the jump distance to be able to dodge adjacent obstacles. Play the game and join the exciting adventure of a cute boy now. Try to reach the furthest distance and collect many coins to gain the highest score in this adventure. Besides, I want to invite you to join Crossy Traffic which is also an awesome adventure game with simple mechanics.

Some outstanding characters in Jumpers Isometric

In the game, you can choose some exciting characters. They are so wonderful. To unlock them, you need to accumulate enough scores. Make an effort to unlock all of them. They will give you a more refreshing experience. Some exciting characters are robots, ninjas, policemen, boxers, Santa Claus, etc. They are shaped like a cube. So, they are so cute.