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Jungle Boy


Conquer the cliffs in Jungle Boy

Jungle Boy is a unique running game. Your mission in the game is to climb on the steep cliff and try to avoid the sharp spikes on either side of the cliff.

How to climb on the cliffs

If you are wondering how to climb on the cliffs, you can join the game to try your hand. The steep cliffs do not have any assistive tools. This sounds unbelievable. However, your character is the jungle boy. He is familiar with this terrain. He owns powers that a normal person does not have. Thanks to his living habits and activities in the forest, he can climb on the cliffs easily. The jungle boy still needs your help to complete the mission. Join the game now.

Have you ever controlled a jungle boy? If you doubt the boy's strengths and abilities, you can find the answer in this game. So, you will definitely have extremely interesting moments with the game. After finishing the game, you can move to Geometry Dash Scratch which is another exciting running game.

Some obstacles on the cliffs

The mechanics of this game are really simple because you just need to click the left mouse button to guide the boy to jump. Press the left mouse button to help your character move to the opposite cliff. Your character will climb the cliffs automatically. However, things are not as simple as you might imagine. You are forced to face a lot of risks. They are traps and thorns in the cliffs. The small spikes are often the same color as the cliffs. They are hidden in the cliff, so if you do not pay attention, you will crash into them. As a result, you must stop the game. In addition, you also try your best to avoid sharp wooden stakes which can take the boy's life. Move to the next cliff to dodge them.

In addition, the poisonous spiders on the cliffs can also cost you your life. Avoid it to ensure your character's safety.

Some tricks to reach the top of the cliffs in Jungle Boy

Practice many times

You can make mistakes many times. The first failures will give you more experiences and valuable lessons. You need to practice hard to become more proficient. After each practice, your ability will increase gradually. You will conquer the top of the cliff. Break your record with every climb. Are you the player with the most impressive score?

Jump between the cliffs continuously

Maybe, you will doubt the effectiveness of this tip. However, if you try to apply it, you will see miracles. You will worry that if the jump speed is too fast, you will not be able to see the obstacles. But if you jump back and forth between the cliffs quickly, you will create a tremendous amount of friction. It can break the obstacles when it reaches. The sparks generated due to high speed will also protect your character. Jungle Boy did not even lose his life despite going through many obstacles. Let's try applying this tip to climb higher.