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Knight Shot


The fierce battles in Knight Shot

Join a thrilling battle in Knight Shot to become the best knight. The game requests you to push as many rivals as possible into the water and lava.

An extremely exciting battle is waiting for you. You will transform into a brave engineer. These matches require you to have strength and ingenuity to be able to win. Good luck.

Fight as a powerful knight in the game

Your knight is a person of outstanding strength. However, he still needs your help to defeat your rivals. In this game, you need to fight against scary monsters to take over the island. So, you will participate in fierce battles. You need to push your opponent off the field to win. You cannot move in the usual way. You will slide and push the opposite. You and your opponent will take turns pushing each other. You have to push it into the water or lava before they do.

In addition, you also need to be careful with opponents. They can push you into the water at any time. If you push too lightly, you will not be able to eliminate your opponent. On the other hand, if you can't control the thrust, both you and your opponent will fall into the water. The game is over. The game requires you to have skillful dragging skills. Good luck.

How to win the game

To push your enemies, you need to use the left mouse. Hold and drag the left mouse button to adjust direction and thrust. Then, you should release the left mouse button to kick them from the playing field. The game does not have too many operations, so you easily understand the rules of the game. You can improve your level through this fascinating game.

The traits of Knight Shot

When playing the game, you can collect coins and select your knight. You will immerse yourself in the game. Play the game until you can be rich.

Collect many coins

After each successful push of the opponent, you will receive 1 coin. The more opponents you push, the more money you have. Try to get as much money as possible. You can invite your friends to join this game. You will compete to win. The person with the most gold coins wins. Make the game more attractive with fierce matches. Moreover, if you want to get many coins, Geometry Dash Scratch is also suitable for you. You can try playing it.

Two characters in the game

There are two horsemen in this game. Male and female knights are available. You can choose one of two characters to start the game. Each character will have different powers. Male knights possess sharp swords to defeat monsters while female knights can use the bow competently. You can choose any character without having to meet the requirements. If you want to become the best knight, you need to join the game now. The game will not make you dissatisfied. Join the game now to experience it. Hope that you can eliminate all of the monsters.