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Knight Vs Zombies


The challenges in Knight Vs Zombies

Knight Vs Zombies is an exciting game where you beat zombies. Throw knives at the zombies to kill them before you are eliminated by them and earn coins.

The hideous zombies are in this playground. They want to threaten the knight's life. Can you defeat them? Will your knights always be safe thanks to your guidance?

Many zombies

In this game, there are many zombies. They can appear in turn. Sometimes they will appear at the same time, which puts you at high risk. You have to beat them to win. You need to be careful with the zombies. Their numbers can make you confused. You should not panic when facing them. You need to stay calm and come up with some wise strategies. It is best if you can utilize your time to throw the knives with high accuracy. Each time you successfully throw the knife, you will eliminate one zombie. Increase your pushing speed to eliminate them. If you want to train your speed, you can also join Geometry Dash Scratch.

The zombies' skills

Besides the threat in terms of numbers, these zombies can also throw knives extremely well. They will continuously throw knives at you. You can only use knives to be able to defeat them. You need to train your knife-throwing ability if you want to win. If you practice hard, you can absolutely play as a master. When practicing, you can improve your aiming and power control. You will succeed in the next turn. You will definitely get many gold coins as a gift for your efforts.

How to beat the zombies

Hold and drag the left mouse button to adjust the direction and force.

Release the left mouse button to throw the knives.

Some items in the shop of Knight Vs Zombies

The knives

In the shop, you can buy a lot of different knives. They will help you eliminate zombies faster. The more expensive the knife, the better one. You should accumulate them to purchase cutting-edge weapons. Besides, you can buy a lot of other weapons such as axes, swords, shurikens, etc. Try to earn a lot of gold coins to be able to buy them.

The hats and shields

Hats cost between 200 and 2000 coins. They have the effect of protecting the knight's head. The opponent's knives will not be able to destroy your character with just one shot. If you want to stay on the playground longer, you should buy shields that can protect your character. As a result, you can exist longer. In addition, you also select the better character to play. They have higher levels. So, their price is more expensive. When you join the game with a higher character, you can become the winner.

The themes

You can choose from many different themes to make the game more interesting. You can choose a city, forest, late night, cliff, valley theme, etc. The background will make you more excited to fight. Do not miss them. Let's enjoy the intense battles and show your skills to win.