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Mad Shark


Become the most robust shark in Mad Shark

The gameplay

Welcome to Mad Shark to become the ruler of the ocean. The game asks you to avoid many obstacles and defeat the dangerous enemies to exist longer.

In the great ocean, there is a small shark. It has a dream to become the king of fish. So it is trying to eat as many small fish as possible. You will help it consume a lot of fish. Control your character to collect much small fish. They will help your character become bigger. The shark is getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, it becomes the target of a lot of fishermen. They want to catch your shark. In order for your character to live as long as possible, you must help it avoid the fisherman's boat. If you crash into them, you lose instantly. In addition, they also dropped a lot of bombs into the sea. You need to avoid them to save yourself.

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How to navigate the shark

The up arrow key to swim upwards.

The down arrow key to swim down.

The spacebar to attack.

The features of Mad Shark

The game has eye-catching graphics. You will genuinely feel life at the bottom of the ocean. You will be immersed in this wonderful world thanks to the amazing graphics. It is sharp and vibrant. Music is also the highlight of the game. You can relax with soothing sounds. It makes your journey more engaging. Let's join the game and complete your tasks. Good luck!