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Mahjong Alchemy


The game rules of Mahjong Alchemy

Mahjong Alchemy is an amusing casual game. You need to select two same mahjong pieces to clean them from the playing field before the time runs out.

Mahjong is probably familiar to those who are fans of this game series. Your task is also very simple. you need to eliminate all mahjong pieces to pass the level. You also follow the rules to complete your task. You will select two mahjong pieces to clean them. However, not every piece of mahjong is selectable. You can only select pieces of mahjong that are not covered by other mahjong. It means the selected mahjong is free of two edges. If the mahjong pieces are blocked by two other mahjong pieces, you cannot select them. You will have to remove them one by one to be able to choose the mahjong lying inside. It will take a lot of your time.

The game will entertain you and relieve stress. You will be immersed in this fascinating gameplay. Can you complete your mission in the allotted time? Good luck.

Some tips to win in Mahjong Alchemy

You need to remember that your time is limited. You only have 15 minutes to complete your task. If you do not quickly select the same mahjong pieces, you will lose. Therefore, you should improve your speed to win.

In addition, you need to click Deal New Tileset to be able to remove them. You will continue with more mahjong pieces if you click them. However, the position of the mahjong will also change. So you can choose the same mahjong pieces easily.