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Master Of Donuts


Arrange Master Of Donuts haunted donut

Master Of Donuts is an exciting world where you can satisfy your donut passion. Sort the messy haunted donuts into different categories and sort them by color.

Sort donuts by color

Playing the game is simple and intuitive. Just click on a stack of donuts and then select the jar where you want to transfer the top donuts. However, you can only place a new donut in a jar if there is enough space. Each level comes with a limited number of moves, so you'll need to strategize and make the most of your moves to sort all the donuts within the given limit.

Bold Halloween-colored graphics

This game is a classic sorting game with a mouthwatering twist. The vibrant and colorful graphics bring the delicious donuts to life. As you progress through the levels, you'll be presented with a variety of donuts in different glass jars. Your task is to sort these donuts based on their colors. Only when each jar is filled with donuts of the same color can you advance to the next level.

Donuts look delicious even though they have an ugly shape, very suitable for the Halloween atmosphere. There are many different colorful cake designs. The cakes cannot automatically be placed into cylinders and of the same type. Arrange them in different patterns to receive bonuses.

Conclusion about this game

If you find yourself using a fresh start, don't worry! You can always restart the game and try your luck again as you embark on this delicious journey of sorting donuts. Get ready to challenge your sorting skills and enjoy the delightful visuals of the colorful donuts in Master of Donuts.