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Merge Bubble


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The game rules

Play Merge Bubble to arrange and match bubbles of the same color. You must merge three same bubbles to create another bubble and not fill the entire board.

You will see a table with many cells like a honeycomb. Below the board, there is a circle where colored bubbles will appear. You need to move the bubbles that appear in the circle below the board. You can change the direction and order of the bubbles in the circle before placing them on the board.

Your mission is to merge three same bubbles. Then, you can get another bubble that is a different color from the original bubbles. Try to merge as many shadows as possible unless your space runs out. You cannot put other bubbles on the board if it is full.

Your score will increase dramatically every time you merge the bubbles successfully. Try to break your record.

How to control

To move the bubbles, simply hold and drag them with your mouse. Besides, if you want to exchange the direction of bubbles, you can use the left mouse and click in the circle. Stop it when its direction is correct.

Some power-ups of Merge Bubble

The energy bubbles

You can get energy bubbles after reaching the required levels. They can help you to eliminate a bubble in the board. Then, you can have enough space to arrange other ones. You need to use this effectively to win.

The stars

The stars appear as your savior. When you drop a star on the board, three bubbles will disappear. It creates more space for you. Take advantage of them to become the player with the highest scores. Besides this game, you can solve some puzzle in Idle Breakout.