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Mochi Zombie


The intensive adventure in Mochi Zombie

The principle

The adventure to kill zombies with the hero is available in Mochi Zombie. The game requests you to defeat many zombies with moves and avoid colliding with them.

You will play the role of a superhero to survive as long as possible in a world full of zombies. You need to go as far as possible and earn lots of gold coins while trying to fight off the zombies.

First, your character will be equipped with a jetpack. You can use it to fly high and avoid obstacles and dangerous zombies. Next, you need to use special moves to defeat the zombies. You need to be skillful to avoid colliding with them. They can take the life of your character. Remember that you only have 3 lives while playing this game. Take advantage of them to go further and get more bonus gold coins. Good luck with your challenging journey.

How to control

Controlling the hero requires you to use combo actions. You can use WASD to move. Besides, you will use the left mouse button to click and select the moves. Choose the right move at the right time to eliminate many zombies. You also use the gun to shoot down all.

Explore the moves and tricks

The game brings three great moves for you. You can use them by exchanging gold coins. So try to earn as many gold coins as possible. First, you can use ice to freeze zombies. They will not be able to reach your character. Next, use fireballs with great power that can kill bosses. Finally, take advantage of the power of lightning to kill many zombies at once.

Obstacles will be removed if you can control the character skillfully and competently. Come on and immerse yourself in the game now.