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Northern Heights


The gameplay of Northern Heights

You can skiing at Northern Heights where you can enjoy a thrilling experience. You need to keep your character under control and try to collect many gold coins.

You shouldn't miss this game if you enjoy the sport of skiing. This game simulates skiing with eye-catching graphics. You can experience the true feeling of skating online.

Your character will first be controlled by the mouse. To accelerate, you must hold down the left mouse button to unlock the trick, you must release the left mouse button. If you are successful, you will receive a lot of marks. Finally, to plunge, keep pushing the left button. You can get around barriers by moving quickly and then using maneuvers. Your character will flip around while avoiding obstacles.

You also have another mission which is to gather the coins while skiing. You should collect them to be able to exchange them for more amazing snowboards. The journey ahead has many challenges for you.

Some tips to win in Northern Heights

Speed up

When passing the ramps, you need to speed up your character. You will conquer longer distances and break your own records. The terrain of the ski run will be one of the factors related to your success. Let's play the game more times to train your skills. Could you become the master of the game?

Exchange the ski boards

There are many clothing products and accessories to help your character look more gorgeous at the store. To make sure your character is safe, you can purchase a helmet. Choose brighter suits as well to alter the character. You should eventually pick a better ski board for your character. Good skateboards will support your character to go further. It will have special and useful properties. If you own them, you can collect more gold coins. What is your favorite type of snowboard?