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Oil Hunt


Some missions in Oil Hunt

Collect as much oil as possible

In Oil Hunt, you can collect a lot of oil to unlock new backgrounds. The game requests you to make the straws longer and gather as much oil as possible.

Oil is one of the minerals that help boost the economy. In this game, you will become a professional oil hunter. You will control your character to be able to hunt as much oil as possible. Oil is stored in special locations underground. Each oil field will contain a different amount of oil. Your task is not to miss the oil. To be able to collect oil, you must use a straw. Plug the straw into the ground, the oil will be sucked up. You will get more oil. Try to collect enough required oil to be able to complete your mission.

Fill the pot

The amount of oil you collect will be displayed in the large pot in the top left corner of the screen. You have to fill this jar. If the vase reaches 100%, you can unlock other backgrounds. You do not need to explore this jungle anymore. You will move through forests or more exotic locations. In addition, filling the pot means you passed the level. Move to the next challenging level.

How to play Oil Hunt

As you know, your character will use a straw to get oil. To get the oil, you will adjust the length of the straw. You will use the mouse to do this. Hold the left mouse button to lengthen your straw. After you have lengthened the straw, release the left mouse button, then you can hit the oil. You must remember that you must not spread the straw too long unless you cannot hit the oil. If the straw is too short, you won't be able to draw much oil. Consider the length of the straw to hit the oil.