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Pirate Pop


What's appealing about Pirate Pop

Play Pirate Pop to help your pirate character clean all bubbles on the playing field. You will use the cannon to shoot three or more same bubbles and pop them.

In the deep sea, there are many colorful bubbles. They are slowly approaching your pirate character. You have to help him pop all these bubbles before they reach the bottom. To be able to pop the bubbles, you will move the direction of the cannon to aim. Then, you need to press the left mouse button to shoot. If you can match three or more bubbles of the same color, they will disappear from the playing field.

Furthermore, you will also face a few other challenges. The number of bubbles in the cannon is limited. You will lose if you cannot pop all bubbles on the playing field with the limited bubbles. Besides, You need to shoot fast to slow down the falling speed of the bubbles. Don't let them touch the bottom of the sea. Your character will lose his life immediately if you can't complete the quest. So, let's come up with an excellent strategy to win the game. You can move to the following levels with many coins after winning, which is similar to Subway Surfers.

Some tactics to win in Pirate Pop

If you have a lot of gold coins, you should use them to buy boosters. They will help you complete the challenges easily.

The boosters

  • Briny Bomb: You can use this bomb to destroy many bubbles in an area. As a result, you can save your bubbles in the cannon.
  • Wild Bubble: It is a versatile bubble. It can remove any bubble thanks to its flexible color. It means you can shoot it in an area with lots of green or red bubbles. It can both remove the bubbles on the playing field. You need 100 coins to buy it. So try to earn as many gold coins as possible.
  • Chain Lightning: This booster can pop many different bubbles in a row or column. Using it will help you finish the level quickly.

The shuffle

The game allows you to shuffle the position of the balls in the cannon. The number of shuffles is not limited. So, you should take advantage of it to be able to complete the mission without using up all the bubbles in the cannon.