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Rise Up Balloon


The attraction of Rise Up Balloon

Some exciting missions in the game

Participate in Rise Up Balloon to save your balloon. The game requests you to clean all obstacles from the playing field to save a white balloon.

A balloon is automatically rising up in the air. In order for it to fly higher, you need to complete its mission. Firstly, you must make sure that your balloon does not collide with any obstacles. You need to be aware that if your balloon touches anything weird, it will explode. Secondly, you need to push all the obstacles aside to make way for the balloons. You need to be careful that no obstacle can reach your balloon.

Two tasks sound simple but it will bring challenges for you. You will have to concentrate intensely to protect the balloons. Let's break your record through the plays. You can level up if you can save the balloon well.

How to protect the balloon

To protect the balloon, you need to hold and drag the left mouse button to push all obstacles. Although there is not too much manipulation, you have to focus on the obstacles. They are very messy. Sometimes they will pass you and reach the balloon. It is so dangerous.

Some notes for you when playing Rise Up Balloon

As you know, the obstacles do not follow any rules. When you push them to the sides, they can hit the wall and bounce back into your character. So you need to pay attention to the sides of the balloons. Besides, they will probably rush toward your character. You need to be more vigilant when confronting them.

The higher the balloons fly, the more obstacles there are. They are also larger in size. They will cause danger or put your balloon at high risk. You need to take caution.

Moreover, if you are not a professional player, you may fail many times. You can practice more times to master the game. Gain valuable experience and lessons from your failures.