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Santa Run


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Santa Run is an engaging running game featuring a Christmas theme and an endless racetrack. Help Santa chase after a raccoon who steals the gift bag.

This Christmas, let's join the chase between Santa and a raccoon robber now. Because the raccoon stole the gift bag of Santa, he has to chase after this robber. This game is inspired by Subway Surfers, so its racetrack is also endless. You must guide Santa to run as fast as possible to reach the raccoon. Note that during this adventure, you have to encounter various obstacles such as oncoming trains, big snowballs, barriers, icy blocks, and snowmen. You must take control of Santa to move to the left or right, jump, or slide down to avoid hitting these dangers along the way. In addition, do not forget to collect as many candy canes as possible while you are running. If you want to get more candy canes, you can collect the X2 Multiplier power-up which helps to double the number of your candy canes. Or you can pick up the magnet which helps to attract all nearby candy canes on the road.

How to control

Press the left-right arrow keys to guide Santa to move to the left or right.

Press an up arrow key to control Santa to jump.

Press a down arrow key to take control of Santa to slide down.