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Save The Duck


The mechanics of Save The Duck

You have to solve those difficult puzzles in Save The Duck to win. Try to make a duck drop into the tub to pass the level and get three stars.

The rubber duck is a very popular toy. They are often used in baths. So a lot of people love them. In the game, you will also encounter a rubber duck.

To be able to complete the mission, you need to use the shower head and release water to help the rubber duck fall into the tub. If your character falls out of the tub, you lose. Try to pass as many levels as possible.

Moreover, the game has very challenging puzzles. Your task will be very difficult because your rubber duck will be placed on high platforms. They will probably prevent you from succeeding. It will take you a lot of time to find the best way. Don't worry too much because you can do your duty well.

Some tactics to win Save The Duck

Take advantage of portals

The platforms in the game will create challenges for you. They can make your rubber duck unable to move. You need to use all the ways that you have. You will see several portals. You can use them to be able to complete quests. They will help your character fall into the tub quickly. Additionally, you can utilize the power of water to be able to navigate your character. Good luck.

Play the game many times

You will probably fail when playing the game. However, you can play it many times until you can find the best way to complete the levels. There are many challenging levels waiting for you. You can join and conquer them. You may become the best player in the game if you can move to almost levels.