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Slope Run


A daring adventure in Slope Run

Are you ready for a rough but delightful adventure in Slope Run? Let's see how far you can go in an endless space tunnel while collecting the gold coins.

The first impression of this game is its wonderful environment. Specifically, the track in this game is an endless space tunnel that is full of dangers and surprising things. You need to guide a ball to roll as far as possible in this tunnel to advance the levels. The further you can go, the higher your level is. As I mentioned, this tunnel is super dangerous because it contains many laps and unstable tiles. The unstable tiles will collapse as soon as your ball rolls on them. Therefore, you had better take control of your ball to jump to evade these tiles. Besides trying to travel far, you are also challenged to collect the coins in the tunnel. They are scattered along the tunnel, so you can pick them up easily. However, sometimes, you should ignore them because they are located in dangerous places. Another surprising thing in this space tunnel is the color tiles. In fact, these tiles are harmless because they just change the color of your ball. Therefore, feel free to go through the color tiles.

How to control: If you want to guide the ball to roll around, press the arrow keys.

Engaging game modes of Slope Run

Level Mode

When joining this game, you are allowed to select between interesting game modes which bring different adventures. The first mode is Level Mode which requires you to complete many levels. At each level, you will encounter different challenges. If you fall out of the tunnel, you will return to the starting point of this level. Of course, you can retry the previous levels if you want.

Infinite Mode

The second game mode is Infinite Mode which provides an endless and wonderful adventure. The speed of your ball will increase gradually as you go far. If you fall out of the tunnel, you will return to the starting point and restart this adventure again. The score you gain in this adventure will be recorded on the leaderboard. Your rank on this leaderboard is affected by your score, so it is important to earn the highest possible score.