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Smash Glass


The attraction of Smash Glass

Arrangement of the glasses

Embark in Smash Glass to test your intelligence with fascinating puzzles. You have to smash all glasses by dropping the fewest balls and level up.

The glasses are neatly arranged on the shelves which have a variety of shapes. They can be flat or have a slope. They are also sometimes ordered by length. Therefore, each level has different shelves and shelf positions. The glasses will be placed on it. They will be your target in this game. You need to take advantage of the position of the shelf and the arrangement of the glasses to be able to complete the game.

Drop the balls

In the game, your task is to drop the balls, so that you can smash all the glasses on the shelves. It sounds easy but it is not really because your number of balls is limited. If you drop all the balls but can't smash all the glasses, you lose. You must try to use the fewest balls to get three stars which are the best reward. When dropping the ball, you also need to choose the right position. You will probably complete the task better if you focus on observing. Use your amazing skills to finish this mission.

Controls and some tips in Smash Glass


You should hold the left mouse button and move to find the best position before dropping the balls. If you want to drop it, you need to release the left mouse button. It is easy to control.

Some tips

To smash all glasses at once, you should put the ball in the middle of the glasses. When they are smashed, they will make the next one smashed. Then you can win. You also take advantage of the shelves to roll the balls and smash the glasses. Use your tips to win.