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Smash Karts


Active game modes of Smash Karts

Welcome to intense kart races in Smash Karts! You are tasked with driving your kart, collecting weapons, and eliminating all rivals to be an ultimate victor.

Free For All

Like Geometry Dash Scratch, this game presents a range of game modes. Each game mode offers a unique twist on the traditional kart racing experience. The first game mode I want to introduce is Free For All. This game mode requires you to compete against other players from all over the world in a series of battles. In these battles, you must drive your kart to go around the arena to find weapons and evade the attacks of your opponents. Be quick to collect the boxes containing various weapons such as rockets, spiked maces, machine guns, mines, nukes, and so on. These weapons can be used within a limited time. When they disappear, you should collect another weapon to continue the fight. Be careful because some boxes are fakes and hurt you. The fake boxes are the traps placed by your enemies. Touching them will result in the explosion of the fake boxes. Try to win the kart combats to earn many experience points which help you level up.

Gem Collector

The second game mode is the Gem Collector mode which offers more missions. In this game mode, you not only battle with other kart drivers but also collect the gems in the arena. There are many gems, so you are tasked with gathering as many gems as possible within an allotted time. The player who has the most gems will become the ultimate victor.

Hat Holder

The third game mode is Hat Holder which offers a combat between normal players and a hat holder. A player will be randomly chosen to become a hat holder whose mission is to protect the hat until the time is over. Other players must find a way to steal the hat from the hat holder.

Capture The Flag

It is possible to say that this is the only game mode that allows you to play as a team. The players in this battle will be divided into two teams who will fight for the flag. Try to find the member of the opposite team holding the flag and attack him to steal the flag. Then, you must protect the flag at all costs to help your team become the winner.


Press the arrow keys to drive your kart around the arena.

Press the spacebar to use your weapons or throw bombs.

Press any key to start your battle.

The customization system of Smash Karts

If you level up, you can unlock many new features, including the customization system. You are allowed to customize the characters, hats, and karts in the game. You can use your coins to purchase new impressive characters, cool karts, and cute hats. Besides, let's spin the lucky wheel to get rare characters and karts. In addition, on occasion, events such as Halloween, Christmas, and New Year, new event characters, and karts will be released. You can use your gems to buy them because the events end.