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Sniper Combat 3D


Your missions in Sniper Combat 3D

Play Sniper Combat 3D to transform into a professional sniper. Aim accurately and shoot down the designated people to earn as many coins as possible.

Assassinating criminals

If you want to show off your shooting skills that you learned in Funny Shooter 2, you can join this game. In this game, you will become a professional sniper who will receive many missions. You will be tasked with murdering different people such as the dealer, the criminals, the robbers, and so on. You need to zoom out and then find your targets. After seeing the targets, you need to click the left mouse button to shoot down them. Note that you can assassinate your targets with one shot if you aim at their head. Sometimes, you are requested to complete the missions within a limited time, so you need to be quick. After completing a mission, you will earn a lot of coins.

Upgrading your rifle

Some missions are difficult, so upgrading your rifle is vital. You can choose between sniper rifles, hunting rifles, and assault rifles. Moreover, you can upgrade their statistics such as Zoom, Range, Reload Time, Stability, Clip, and Damage. This help to aim more accurately and kill more rivals.


Use the mouse to look around.

Click the right mouse button to zoom out and aim at the targets.

Click the left mouse button to shoot at the enemies.

Various maps of Sniper Combat 3D

Another appeal of this game is its maps. There is a total of 6 maps which are City, Desert, Jungle, Harbor, Oasis, and Downtown in this game. If you want to unlock the next map, you need to complete all special operations in the previous region first. Furthermore, in the next map, you will receive more challenging missions and encountering different opponents.