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Space Tanks: Arcade


Some things about Space Tanks: Arcade

The game rules

Space Tanks: Arcade brings many intense battles on many planets. Your mission is to defeat a lot of enemies and collect many boosters or stars.

Welcome to this fierce battle. You will explore many different planets while fighting other opponents.

First, you need to choose the planet on which you will fight. Countless planets in the galaxy are available. You can choose one of those planets to explore. Each planet will have a lot of stars. You can collect them. The stars will be numbered differently. Try to score the highest score when you travel to each planet. You can use your stars to upgrade your tank, which helps to take down more powerful opponents. Do not miss these amazing stars.

In addition, you will have to defeat other tanks. They are trying to target you. You will lose if you get hit by them until you run out of energy. You need to take them down and protect your energy. Try to be the last to survive on the playing field.

How to control

WASD to move.

The spacebar to fire.

Some outstanding features of Space Tanks: Arcade

Collect power-ups

When beating, you can see a lot of power-ups on the playing field. You can collect the First Aid Kit which can help you to increase energy. Your energy will be recovered. So, if you want to become the last, let's collect all of them. Besides, the Shield is so great. When you own them, you can protect your tank well. Your enemies cannot shoot your tank down in a short time. It is best if you can collect them. Finally, you shouldn't miss the Ammunition. As a result, you can have more bullets to eliminate all opponents. You also purchase them in the Boost section. Use your stars to buy them.

Customize the tank

In the shop, you can buy Frame, Tower, Trail, and Skin. You can change your character. Make the tank more eye-catching by equipping them. You will get a great tank. You need to try to collect as many stars as possible. Good luck!