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Speed Racer


The facts about Speed Racer

The game rules

Speed Racer is a fantastic racing game that was released for speed enthusiasts. Try your best to reach the finish line while gathering many coins.

The game brings fierce racing for you. If you are interested in dramatic races, you should not miss this game.

Your main task in the game is to control your car to overcome dangerous and deadly roads. There will be many challenges in the car race waiting for you. You should join this game right away to learn more about these races. When driving a vehicle, you are not allowed to cause it to overturn. If you fail, you will have to replay the game until you reach the finish line. Show off your amazing driving skills and abilities when racing on treacherous racetracks now.

In addition, when driving your car, you do not forget to collect coins because these coins will bring great benefits to you. You will be surprised at what you have achieved.


W or the up arrow key to lean forward.

S or the down arrow key to lean back.

A or left arrow key to go back.

D or the right arrow key to go forward.

Explore Speed Racer

Many challenging race tracks

When you collect a lot of coins, you can unlock many different tracks. Each racetrack will be located in different locations. Their difficulty depends largely on the terrain. For example, on the first track, you can drive in the city so you won't encounter any problems while driving. The next tracks are different locations such as sea, desert, forest, rocky mountains, etc. The racetrack also becomes more intense with many slopes, bumpy turns, and curves.

Exchange the car

To be able to overcome dangerous tracks, you should change to a newer and better car. You use coins to buy them. New supercars will not disappoint you.