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Strike Force: Kitty Last Stand


Some things about Strike Force: Kitty Last Stand

Strike Force: Kitty Last Stand offers a fierce battle between two kingdoms. Use your Kitty army strategically to defeat the opposing team and upgrade your army.

The battle between the two kingdoms gradually became intense. You receive a task from the king which is to command the army to fight the opponent's team. You need to defeat all the other soldiers by arranging your army. While fighting you also need to ensure that your castle is not attacked. Defend it so you can win. You can also take advantage of the castle's fortress to fight your opponents.

The game requires you to have wise tactics. After winning, you can get many fish. They are rewards for your efforts. They can also help your army become stronger.

If you love strategy games, you shouldn't miss this game. It allows you to defend and attack. Can you balance both of these tasks? If you win, you will get many rewards.

Join the battles in Strike Force: Kitty Last Stand

Attack the opponents

You will arrange your army before pressing the Attack button. Kitty soldiers will fight automatically. They will not stop beating their opponents. However, you should observe other opponents to be able to arrange the position of the soldier accordingly. You will get good results if your strategy works.

Upgrades your army

While fighting, you can pause the match so you can upgrade your army. You will choose skins for your soldiers. Each skin will allow you to get special skills. You can boost your army now. Let's use your fish to purchase other generals who can beat others. You will get the strongest army after upgrading. Let's fight to get more products.