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Stud Rider


Join the attractive track in Stud Rider

Some things about the track

Welcome to Stud Rider where you have an opportunity to conquer the challenging track. You have to go as far as possible to get the highest scores.

In this game, you will transform into a great rider. You will drive your amazing motorbike to overcome the challenging track. This track is extremely dangerous because it is very bumpy with lots of spikes. They appear dense, making it difficult for you to move. High ridges and slopes can cause you to overturn your motorcycle. As a result, you can lose at any time. You also need more power to overcome them. So you need to try to go as far as possible. Your score will increase if you go further. It is said that your points correspond to the distance you travel. How many points can you get? Will you be the best player with an impressive score? Let's break your record.

Like Short Ride, you can immerse yourself in exciting race tracks. You will control your character to conquer difficult roads. There are many other obstacles waiting for you. Are you ready to show your riding skills? If you are not good at playing, you can also join both games to train your skills.

How to overcome the track

The up arrow key to accelerate.

The left arrow key to tilt back.

The right arrow key to tilt forward.

Collect many fuel tanks in Stud Rider

When playing the game, you need to remember that your power is limited. Therefore, you need to collect many fuel tanks on the track to increase power. You can pay attention to the power bar to know your remaining power. If your power runs out, you must stop the game. As a result, you cannot get the highest scores. Try to collect them and go further.