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Super Cowboy Run


Some challenges in Super Cowboy Run

Super Cowboy Run is the perfect combination of running and shooting games. You need to eliminate the scary zombies and dodge the rolling wheels.

When playing this game, you will face a lot of dangers. Play like a fearless cowboy. If you can overcome many obstacles and go far, you will get a high score. Are you ready to transform into a Cowboy?

Many dangerous zombies

The first obstacle that you have to confront is the scary zombie. They come in various monstrous shapes. They are also equipped with state-of-the-art weapons. They can use guns expertly to eliminate you. So, you need to quickly defeat them before these gangsters shoot at you. Use your cutting-edge gun to eliminate all of them before they do. If you shoot a lot of zombies, your score will increase significantly. The number of ghosts that you have eliminated will be listed at the top corner of the screen.

The rolling wheels

On the track, there are many rolling wheels. The only way to evade these rolling wheels is to jump up. They can cost you your life at any time. Pay close attention so you don't get run over by any rolling wheels. The number of rolling wheels will increase gradually. Their speed also increases, which requires you to be agile. It is best if you can practice more.

The bombs

Birds flying in the sky are very dangerous. They can drop bombs on your Cowboy. You need to navigate him so as not to explode. He can jump up to dodge the bombs of the birds. Are you ready for this arduous journey?

Ways to navigate the Cowboy in Super Cowboy Run

Your cowboy also has a gun to defeat the zombies. To shoot the zombies, you need to press the spacebar. Press the spacebar repeatedly to shoot down many zombies. Remember that you cannot break the rolling wheels. So you need to press the up arrow key to jump. You only have three lives per turn. You need to be careful not to use all lives. After finishing all tasks, you can move to Crossy Traffic to play.