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Superhero Battle


The overview of Superhero Battle

The challenges in the game

Welcome to Superhero Battle where you can join and defeat a lot of enemies. Your mission is to control your stickman character to move and beat them.

Endless battles are taking place in the game. If you want to join the fight like a hero, don't miss this game. In the game, you will have to face many challenges. First, you must master your character before you can fight the others. If you practice hard, you can pass the first challenge easily. Next, you will have to beat a lot of other opponents. There are many opponents equipped with advanced weapons. The stickman in the vest isn't too scary. You can remove them quickly. However, when confronting stickmen armed with weapons, you need to be careful. Finally, you need to overcome the boss with great power to complete the level. Let's strengthen your power before fighting the boss. Good luck.

How to control

Hold and drag the left mouse button to move. Your character will beat your opponent automatically.

Some remarkable upgrades

Damage upgrade

After you win, you will get a lot of coins. You can accumulate all of them to boost your character. You can upgrade the character's damage. Then, you can defeat multiple opponents at once. As you upgrade your damage, you will be better at hitting the boss. Do not miss it if you want to be a winner.

HP upgrade

Your character HP is limited. If you can upgrade it, you can have more chances to win. Use your coins to upgrade it. You can check your HP bar to know your remaining HP. If your HP runs out, you will lose. Therefore, try your best to collect as many coins as possible.