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The Bandit Hunter


About The Bandit Hunter

The gameplay

The Bandit Hunter is an intense shooting game. The game requests you to shoot all bandits down and you do not allow them to shoot citizens in the tower.

Welcome to the game where you can combat many bandits. It is a challenging task, so you need to complete your task to finish the level. First, you need to eliminate all bandits. They will appear unexpectedly. So you need to be agile to be able to take them down. They will sometimes appear at the same time. If you cannot destroy them then they will threaten your life. Please complete your tasks before they do. Next, you need to dodge the citizens. The citizens of the city are being arrested. They will appear under the compulsion of the bandits. If you hit them, you lose instantly. Finally, reload quickly so you can continue your fight. After you remove all bandits, you can advance to the following levels. Try your best to win.

How to control

The left mouse button to shoot.

R to reload.

Some features of The Bandit Hunter

When playing this game, you can play many many levels with increasing degrees of difficulty and join many fight against gangsters. In later levels, you will face more enemies. They appear at the same time and threaten your life. Their spawn rate is also faster. Therefore, if you want to win, you need to practice your skill and fire rate.

In addition, you can get stars as precious rewards. If you complete the mission excellently, you can get three stars per level. They show off your excellent shooting skills. The game offers a never-ending battle. You can absolutely join it to improve your skills. It also helps you relieve stress. If you want to be a good shooter, do not miss this game. The game allows you to play multiple times and has no time limit.