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Tricky Treat


Save the town from evil forces in Tricky Treat

Tricky Treat is a game inspired by spooky Trick or Treat. You are a ghost and in this game your aim is not to scare the human but to save them from evil forces.

A dark day is taking over the whole town, along with images of dark forces at work. However, not all dark forces are evil because in this game, your mission is to become a ghost who sacrifices candy taken from humans to fight the evil forces hiding in the darkness.

The game starts in a garden. It looks like a park with lots of grass and trees. No light illuminates the road, only fireflies passing by act as lights for you. Walking through the grass, you will see some mysterious cauldrons being heated. This is also where vicious monsters are summoned and they intend to devour the town. To keep them from fulfilling that evil dream, sacrifice your Halloween candy to get rid of them. However, each cauldron has a different request for candy. If you give the wrong candy or take too much time getting the candy, you may be injured and unable to complete the task.

Explore around, find interesting or useful objects that will help you prevent evil forces from attacking the town.

How to control

To move the character, select WASD or the arrow keys.

E to interact with some tasks such as Trick or Treat/ Put in cauldron/ Use trash can.