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Join the Ungravity journey

The missions in the game

Ungravity offers an attractive adventure with an astronaut character. You need to control him to find a way to escape and avoid many obstacles.

The zero gravity environment causes a lot of problems. It can put the astronauts' lives at risk. Unfortunately, the spaceship has lost gravity. It causes your astronaut character to lose gravity. He could not move in the usual way. You need to help him go through the compartments of the spaceship and seek help to escape. Each compartment will correspond to a level. Try to complete all levels.

You also need to remember that since you are in the ungravity environment, everything is also out of control. Many other objects in the spaceship were also suspended. You need to avoid them. If you crash into them, your astronaut will explode instantly. As a result, you must play the game again. Try to escape many spaceship compartments.

Moreover, if you want to experience the feeling of losing gravity, join the game. Are you brave enough to live in an ungravity environment? Help the astronaut complete this challenging mission. The game offers an intense adventure in space. You can invite your friends to join the game.

How to control

W to fly up.

S to fly down.

A to turn left.

D to turn right.

R to reset.

Some tactics to win in Ungravity

  • Because the objects in the spacecraft's compartment are out of control, they will float. You should move at the bottom to dodge them. Flying high is not the best way to deal with these obstacles.
  • Moreover, in the ungravity environment, you will find it difficult to move at the bottom. So be patient. You can hold the S key longer to be able to fly down.
  • You need to focus on your lives. Your lives are limited. There are three lives available. So, you need to use them effectively to win.