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Arctic Pong


What is Arctic Pong

The principles of the game

Arctic Pong is a fantastic arcade game that helps you train your pressing speed. You have to avoid crashing into many hippos and collect coins.

Seal has created a very interesting game. It uses two ropes with high elasticity to be able to slide from one side of the rope to the other. Your beaver is like sliding on ice. However, when sliding between two ropes, your character may face a lot of risks. First, dodge the hippos. If your character crashes into them, you are forced to stop the game. So, pay attention to be able to stay on the playing field.

In addition, you have another interesting task which is collecting many coins. You can collect them by sliding between the two ropes and not crashing into any hippos. Be the winner with big gold coins. After you finish playing the game, you should select Knight Shot to continue entertaining. It also can help you train your reaction skills.

Way to play the game

Press the left mouse button to change the character's moving direction.

Some tactics to get many coins in Arctic Pong

Firstly, you should change the direction of movement of the seal continuously. This tactic can help your character dodge many hippos. You will continue to stay on the playground longer. You can also get more gold coins. Next, you should pay attention to the movements of the hippos. They will probably move near your character. So, they will get you in trouble while trying to avoid it. Finally, you should practice regularly to become proficient. You can play the game many times. As a result, you can break your own records through turns. Hope that you can win the game with many coins. Good luck.