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Battleship Arena


The game rules of Battleship Arena

Battleship Arena is an attractive shooting game. The game requests you to develop a unique strategy to defeat your opponents and invade other seas.

The game requires you to arrange the position of the ships. They can be placed in any dimension of your waters. You have 5 ships. Please choose the appropriate locations to be able to play the game. After you have arranged your ships, you will start attacking your opponents. You as the opponent will shoot in turn. Try to be able to hit your opponent and make it appear.

To play the game, you just need to use the mouse to control it. You can arrange the positions of the ships randomly by clicking the Shuffle button. Click the Start button to start the battle. The sea area is divided into many different cells. If you want to shoot in a cell, click on that cell. Knight Vs Zombies also offers another battle. You can join it after you finish this game.

The attraction of Battleship Arena

A special thing about this game is that the ships will be hidden. You cannot see the position of the opponent ships. You must rely on your judgment to shoot cells. Find out the location of your opponent's ships as quickly as possible. If you are the first to make all of your opponent's ships appear, you win. If you hit the opponent's position, the cells will turn red. Use these symbols to find their location exactly.

Furthermore, you should also have a special strategy for placing your ship. Choose smart locations so the enemy can't detect you. Are you ready to hide in the water? The game will help you practice judgment skills. So, let's play it for fun. Wish you can become the winner.