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Cake Slice Ninja


Play the exciting game modes of Cake Slice Ninja

Participate in Cake Slice Ninja to show off your slice proficiency. The game requests you to slice the cakes and sweets while avoiding the bombs to win.

When you join this game, you can choose one of two modes. Two different modes will have different rules.

Classic mode

This is the first mode in the game. This mode does not limit your gaming time. You can play comfortably. However, you only have three lives in this game corresponding to the three hearts in the top right corner of the screen. If you use up all your lives, you lose. You will lose a life if you let any sweets fall. Besides, you will lose your life if you slice the bomb. You need to dodge these dangerous bombs. You should slice attractive sweets such as donuts, cakes, cookies, tiramisu, candy, etc. You will get more points if you can slice them. If you are passionate about this game genre, you should not miss Knight Vs Zombies. Join both of the games to relax.

Arcade mode

Unlike the game mode above, in this mode, your playing time is limited. You only have one minute to complete your task. In a minute you need to slice as many cakes as possible to increase your points. You will not lose your life when slicing the bombs. However, you will decrease by 50 points when slicing the bombs. Try your best to get the highest points. Have fun.

Some bonus drinks in Cake Slice Ninja

  • Yellow drinks: These drinks will increase the number of sweets on the playing field. So, you can get more points when playing the game.
  • Pink drinks: You will get an extra three seconds if you slice a pink drink. It will give you more time if you choose Arcade mode.
  • Blue drinks: The falling speed of the sweets will slow down, so you may not miss any ones.