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Challenge The Runners


The missions of each game mode in Challenge The Runners

Conquer exciting races in Challenge The Runners. Control your character to compete fairly with others to become the champion who reaches the finish line first.

1P mode

In 1P mode, you will compete with many other runners. You need to run fast to pass them. If you outrun them, you will be ranked at the top of the leaderboard. In addition, you also focus on the obstacles. They are gyros, fenders, closed doors, etc. You have to overcome them skillfully to get to the finish line first. Those who finish last will be removed from the playing field. You will participate in many rounds until a winner is determined.

2P mode

In this mode, you also need to overcome many obstacles like the first mode. Keep dodging them to get to the finish line safely. In addition, you will compete with another player. Both of you will control the characters on the same devices. You need to overtake your opponent to get to the finish line first. If you want to join exciting races, do not miss Flappy: Hey Space.

How to navigate the character

Player 1

Use WASD to control the runner to move left, right, or jump over obstacles along the track.

Player 2

Use the arrow keys to guide the runner to move to the left, right, or jump over obstacles along the track.

The diverse mini-games of Challenge The Runners

  • Ball Attack: This mini-game requires you to run to the left or right to dodge the giant balls launched by the cannons near the finish line. Although these giant balls do not make you die, they will make you fall. When you fall, this is an opportunity for your opponents to overtake you and reach the finish line first.
  • Rising Door: When joining this mini-game, you must go through many doors that rise up or fall down constantly. You must stand in front of the doors and wait for them to fall down. As soon as they fall down, you must jump as high as possible to overcome them and continue to run to the finish line.
  • Boom Boom: It is possible to say that this is a hard mini-game because it challenges you to guess the positions of the bombs. These bombs are hidden under the hexagon tiles. You must evade dangerous hexagon tiles and jump on safe hexagon tiles.
  • Zig-Zag Race: Unlike other mini-games, the racetrack in this mini-game looks like a zig-zag line and is full of slopes. Moreover, along the track, there are many obstacles such as moving blocks, rolling balls, and spike traps.
  • Wipe Out: The racetrack in this game is full of rotating doors, swinging balls, and fans. While running, you need to be careful to avoid being swiped out of the racetrack.