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Dead Land Adventure 2


Some things about Dead Land Adventure 2

The gameplay

Dead Land Adventure 2 offers a thrilling adventure of ninja character. Control your character to defeat all enemies while collecting coins and gems.

Welcome to the journey to explore this dead land. Are you ready to fight with scary zombies? You must destroy them or your character is beat. You need to defeat them so that no zombies will defeat your character. If you love action games and new adventures, don't miss this game.

First, you will transform into one of the two characters available in the game, the girl ninja and the ninja boy. You will control one of the two characters to fight. You will defeat as many zombies as possible. Then you need to collect gold coins. There are a lot of gold coins in the game. Also, if you collect all 3 gems, you can open the exit portal. Finally, you can move to the following levels.

How to control

WASD to move

K to use the sword.

L to throw shurikens.

The weapons of characters in Dead Land Adventure 2

In this game, your character can use two weapons, swords and shurikens. You use the sword when the opponent has come close to you. Using a sword will eliminate opponents faster, but it also has a few dangers. You will be attacked by zombies. You can use shurikens if the distance between you and the opponent is quite far. You can remove them without reaching them. Use these two weapons flexibly to win.

In addition, if you want to participate in other fierce battles, you can choose Knight Shot. It is also an attractive game. You can fully show your abilities. Are you ready to beat other opponents?